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Jamie Chung had a bit part in Todd Phillips’ Hangover sequel, playing Ed Helms’ fiancé who convinces the guys to enjoy one last drink on the beach and, while you’re at it, take young Teddy (Mason Lee) with you. She then disappeared from the film until the very end, but the actress still is parlaying her performance in the money-making summer hit into additional work.

Chung has signed on to headline Megan Griffiths’ gritty independent drama Eden, as noted in The Hollywood Reporter. Though the title hints at paradise, the plot suggests anything but, as Chung would play a girl kidnapped by human traffickers who is forced into prostitution for two very long years. The story, which is based on actual events, will be shaped into a shootable screenplay by Richard B. Phillips and Griffiths, who previously directed the 2011 Sundance drama The Off Hours with actor Scoot McNairy.

Sticking with his director, McNairy will also follow Griffiths to Eden, which should test Chung in ways we haven’t yet seen. The actress, who got her start as a member of MTV’s The Real World: San Diego, stayed busy with a string of reality television show competitions. Since breaking into feature film, though, she has found steady work in small roles as part of comedies (I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry), horror films (Sorority Row) and thrillers (Sucker Punch). This will be her first attempt at carrying a film … and a harrowing one, at that. As we wait for Eden to film, we’ll be able to check out Chung in Knife Fight with Rob Lowe and the thriller Premium Rush with Joseph Gordon-Levitt.