How do you say "I sunk your battleship" in Japanese? It probably won't matter, since from the looks of it Peter Berg's movie based on the classic board game won't be using the tagline famous from all the commercials we remember seeing as a kid. But you're welcome to still think it while you watch the new, Japanese-subtitled trailer for Battleship, which found its way online this slow weekend. THe actors are still speaking their English-language dialogue, and there are a few new scenes included, so you can learn some stuff not featured in the most recent domestic trailer. But there's also a very intense Japanese voiceover, so you can get the appropriate international flavor. Check it out below.

If you're spending this holiday with grandparents who remember World War II, you might ask them if they see the same irony here that I do-- an American movie about naval battles set in the Pacific, dubbed over in the language of the country we last battled in the Pacific. I guess if Michael Bay's Pearl Harbor got released in Japan this is really nothing, but it does make you sit and think a minute about the strange way time has of marching on and forgetting any awkward tie-ins to the past.

Either way, I promise you will think of none of this when Battleship hits theaters May 18 next year-- if Peter Berg has done his job and made the mindless, awesome blockbuster we're hoping for, you won't be thinking of much of anything at all.

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