Attention LoVe fans. (LoVers?) Jason Dohring is officially on board for the Veronica Mars movie. It seems likely that fans were expecting that, but this information was only just confirmed today, ensuring the high possibility that there will be broody stares and lots of tension if and when Logan and Veronica cross one another's paths, which is bound to happen at some point in this movie.

The news was announced on the Veronica Mars movie Kickstarter page today, following an earlier post requesting more backers to break yet another record for the campaign, which has already earned the film a budget of over $4 million since going live last month. The post confirming Dohring's participation in the film states that he's one of three actors officially cast, joining Kristen Bell as Veronica, and the waiter who says, "Your check, sir," played by the person who backed the campaign with a whopping $10,000 pledge.

Series creator Rob Thomas included two photos of Logan from the original pilot make-up/wardrobe test, including one where Logan's wearing the orange shirt, which is what he has on when Veronica's inner monologue introduces him to us as Neptune High's "obligatory psychotic jackass."

Logan orange shirt

As it turned out, Logan was a bit more than just a token high school jackass, and it's hard to imagine a Veronica Mars movie without him in it. Other cast members from Veronica Mars are expected to appear in the film, but it looks like nothing's been officially confirmed beyond solidifying Veronica and Logan. I'm sure for many fans of the show, that's enough, but I know I'm not alone in hoping to hear word that the film will also include appearances by Enrico Colantino, Tina Majorino, Percy Daggs III, Francis Capra, Ken Marino, Daran Norris and Ryan Hansen… to name a few.

Most of Dohring's credits are for small screen work, including a starring role in Moonlight, a network TV vampire series that aired just shy of the vampire craze and didn't quite hit, despite a very loyal fanbase. On the feature side, you can see him asking a goofy comment to Elijah Wood in Deep Impact.

Come next year, we'll be seeing him back on the big screen for Veronica Mars. If you're a fan, go ahead and find a fellow LoVe fan and celebrate this news with a weepy hug:

Veronica and Logan hug gif

Check out some juicy (spoilery!) plot details on the film here. And watch Kristen Bell, Rob Thomas and other cast members react to the first day's success of the Kickstarter campaign here.
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