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You may not know this, but Hollywood has a list of leading men who should get their own version of Taken . Liam Neeson was first, and then there was Kevin Costner , and even Sean Penn will soon be getting one . The latest actor to get a Taken? Congratulate Hollywood for loving the 90's deep cuts, because it looks like Jason Patric is your guy for The Prince. And, oddly enough, they've surrounded him with some superstar talent in the above trailer in the form of Bruce Willis and John Cusack. Also, 50 Cent!

From the looks of the trailer, which comes to us via Yahoo!,Jason Patric's daughter has been kidnapped. Fortunately he's got a very specific set of skills. Unfortunately, he's got to use them against Bruce Willis! Yep, John McClane has done the takening in The Prince, which makes Patric call old buddy John Cusack out of retirement. Hilariously, Patric's background is being a "mechanic from Mississippi" despite looking and acting nothing like a mechanic from Mississippi. It all has to do with a prior mission that Patric embarked upon, one that resulted in the death of Willis' kid. Morally ambiguous revenge! Rain, of Ninja Assassin fame is in this too, and 50 Cent apparently plays a character called "The Pharmacy". OK then!

Patric's traveled a strange path in Hollywood. In the 90's, he was the "next best thing" - brooding, handsome and talented. But he totally Colin Farrelled it, showing up in a number of box office flops like Speed 2 and Incognito. Since then, he's done great work under the radar in difficult indies like Narc (where he plays a paranoid cop), Downloading Nancy (where he agrees to help stage Maria Bello's S&M-flavored suicide) and Guy Maddin's Keyhole (okay, hard to say what was going on in that one). He's picky with his mainstream work, but it usually results in some questionable commercial choices like The Alamo, In The Valley of Elah and The Losers. Hey, those all looked pretty good on paper. Fairly or not, Patric has earned a reputation as box office poison.

You could play a serious game of connect the dots here, given that Patric just starred in another Taken. That one was The Outsider a theatrically-released action thriller where Patric was a cop assisting snub-nosed character actor Craig Fairbrass. Now Patric ends up here with John Cusack, who also featured in the similarly skeezy cheapie The Bag Man from earlier this year with Robert De Niro. The same Robert De Niro, who starred in Freelancers with 50 Cent, the rapper who has also starred in Set Up and Fire With Fire with Bruce Willis, and with John Cusack in The Frozen Ground. Is this secretly Hollywood's new Illuminati? HOW DO WE KNOW IT'S NOT?

The Prince opens in select theaters August 22nd.

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