Jason Statham Makes Them Bleed In Red Band Trailer For The Mechanic

There's a place for mindless action in everyone's hearts, and in modern film, few are able to fill that place better than Jason Statham. Since breaking out alongside Guy Ritchie and then making his way into action franchises like The Transporter and Crank, Statham has the added spin of being a cockney hardass that the bad guys just can't can't kill. So if there's going to be anyone that steps into the shoes of Charles Bronson, why not him? That's exactly what Statham does in The Mechanic and from the looks of the new red band trailer, he does it well.

IGN has posted the new look at the film, which will be released on January 28th. In the film, Statham plays Arthur Bishop, an incredibly talented hitman who suddenly finds himself becoming a mentor to a young wannabee, played by Ben Foster. Check out the trailer below and stick with me after for my reaction.

This movie had two ways to go: the serious, dramatic assassin flick a la The Professional, or all-out action, a la Statham's entire career. It would appear that they've gone in the latter direction, but it seems as though they've made it work. Statham is always a fun performer to watch and Ben Foster is simply incredible, so this may turn out to be a late January surprise.

Bonus Trivia: The song used in the trailer, "Stick 'em Up" by Quarashi, had a music video that was highly inspired by Guy Ritchie's Snatch - aka Jason Statham's second film. The more you know!

Eric Eisenberg
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