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Author Donald Westlake's character Parker has appeared in multiple film adaptations, but strangely has never actually gone by his real name. In 1967's Point Blank the character was played by Lee Marvin, but he went by the name Walker. In 1999 he popped up again in Payback with Mel Gibson, but there he was called Porter. So now that the real Parker is coming to theaters its only appropriate that he be featured in many different disguises to hide his identity.

A brand new featurette for the upcoming Taylor Hackford film Parker has arrive online, and watching the short clip it's actually kind of surprising how many costumes the character gets into. We see him as a priest, as a cowboy and as a trucker in the behind-the-scenes look - and that's only in a little over a minute of footage. Check out the new preview below, courtesy of Yahoo!

Parker stars Jason Statham as the titular criminal with a code: he doesn't steal money from anybody that can't afford it and he doesn't hurt people who don't deserve it. After pulling off a successful job with a new crew, however, Parker finds himself beytrayed left for dead on the side of a highway. After his recovery he discovers that the crew has moved down to Palm Beach, Florida for another job, but the anti-hero devises a plan that will both allow him to get revenge and walk away with a big score. Jennifer Lopez co-stars in the film along with Michael Chiklis, Nick Nolte, Bobby Cannavale, Clifton Collins Jr. and Wendell Pierce. Look for the crime thriller in theaters on January 25th and to see more from the movie head over to our Blend Film Database.