Jaws Blu-Ray Bonus Clip Takes A Look At The Man Who Inspired Quint

Steven Spielberg's Jaws, the movie that pretty much single-handedly invented the summer blockbuster, is finally coming to Blu-ray next week as part of Universal's centennial celebration. Fans of the shark flick will be excited to see tons of bonus features packed into the release, including documentaries looking at the making of the film, its legacy, and the restoration process for Jaws' big Blu-ray debut. The folks over at Universal have sent along a preview clip from the documentary, "The Shark Is Still Working," which is included on the new Blu-ray. Here's a look at Craig Kingsbury, the real-life inspiration for the character of "Quint," played in the film by Robert Shaw.

Kingsbury was also part of the Jaws cast, playing fisherman Ben Gardner. That role wasn't exactly a stretch for the guy, because Kingsbury was a local fisherman, and was known around Martha's Vineyard as an eccentric. He also had a tendency to say outlandish and memorable things, such as his observations about local incest in the clip above. Spielberg has said in some of the previously released bonus materials that Kingsbury was "the purest version of who, in my mind, Quint was." Some of the things he said off-camera were even used in the film itself.

The Jaws Blu-ray/DVD combo pack will hit shelves on August 14th, with a list price of $29.98. You can pre-order it from Amazon for $19.96 right here (opens in new tab).