Ridley Scott has already won the lottery in the casting for The Councilor, his next project. As confirmed a few days ago, Michael Fassbender, who worked with Scott on the upcoming Prometheus, is locked in to play the titular character in the Cormac McCarthy-scripted project. But when you cast a powerhouse like Fassbender as your hero, you need someone equally impressive to go up against him. Fortunately, big names have already begun expressing interest in the job.

According to Deadline, Jeremy Renner, Javier Bardem and Brad Pitt are all interested in playing the villain in The Counselor. The story follows a young lawyer (Fassbender) who believes that he can dabble in the drug trade without getting in to deep. His best laid plans go awry, however, and he finds himself struggling to survive. Of the three names mentioned, Pitt is the long shot, as it's unclear if his schedule would allow him to take on the part. The site previously said that Bradley Cooper was being looked at as the antagonist, but the new report doesn't mention his name. Bardem is currently in production on the next James Bond film, Skyfall (where he also plays the central villain), and Renner will next be seen in Tony Gilroy's The Bourne Legacy. Production on The Counselor is currently aiming to start in the beginning of May.

So it's Ridley Scott directing, Cormac McCarthy writing, Fassbender starring, and potentially Renner, Bardem or Pitt playing the adversary? Can some one please build a time machine so I can see this movie immediately?

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