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Jerry Bruckheimer seems like the kind of guy who gets an idea and makes it happen-- no waiting around for the guy who gave Michael Bay a career. But Bruckheimer has spent 12 years trying to make a movie out of the novel Apaches, about renegade cops in New York City trying to take the law into their own hands. Disney picked up the rights to Lorenzo Carcaterra's novel in 1997, and a whole host of writers have tried to make a movie out of it since then.

Now they're hoping they've found the guys who will finally make it happen-- Sean O'Keefe and Will Staples have been hired to adapt the novel, according to Variety, based on their two currently unproduced scripts, World's Most WantedThe Cruelest Miles. The story sounds like a fairly standard justice-at-all-costs crime movie, so it'll be up to O'Keefe and Staples to make something original out of it.
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