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Jim Parsons And Isla Fisher Enter Kevin Greutert's Visions

While it’s arguable that director Kevin Greutert’s work on films such as Saw VI, Saw 3D and the upcoming Jessabelle put him in the presence of bonafide movie stars, his next film Visions has gathered quite the talented trio for its leads, as Ellen Barkin, Isla Fisher and Jim Parsons have all signed on for the film, which will hopefully be gloriously free of the words, "I want to play a game."

We don’t have a very meaty plotline for this film yet, as we know it focuses on a pregnant woman who moves out to a wine vineyard with her husband, only to find herself the victim of a series of horrifying visions. Now, does that mean she’s seeing dead people or demons, or does she just see Miley Cyrus placing her naked body on things? All equally horrifying.

Unfortunately, Shock Till You Drop couldn’t fill in the blanks on what actors would be playing which roles, though I dare say Fisher will be playing the pregnant woman. Surely they could give Barkin some make-up to make her look younger, but that’s a bit of a stretch. I was actually shocked to find out that Parsons is older than Fisher, but that really has no bearing on any of this.

Considering this is a Blumhouse Productions film, you can bet it’ll be cheap, centered around one intriguing storyline without depth or an accompanying B-story, and that it’ll make back its budget in a weekend. The script was written by Lucas Sussman, who was a co-writer on the underseen 2001 thriller Below with Darren Aronofsky and David Twohy.

Parsons is probably the most regularly seen of these three actors, as his CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory is a constant ratings killer, and the Emmy Awards voters have been kind to him in recent years. He wrapped filming a couple of months ago on Zach Braff’s Kickstarter-funded drama Wish I Was Here, and is lending his voice to Antz director Tim Johnson’s oddball animation Home.

Fisher had a big 2013, starring as both Myrtle Wilson in Baz Luhrmann’s take on The Great Gatsby and…whatever her character was named in Louis Leterrier’s magical heist thriller Now You See Me. She also played Ron Howard’s daughter in Netflix’s fourth season of Arrested Development, and will appear in Daniel Schechter’s comedy Life of Crime with Jennifer Aniston, whenever that eventually comes out.

Barkin, meanwhile, can be seen with an all-star cast in Naomi Foner’s young romance drama Very Good Girls, though she’ll no longer be seen on Fox’s The New Normal, which got the axe some months back. She’s currently filming the Roberto Duran biopic Hands of Stone with Robert De Niro.

Filming on Visions is set to begin in the next month or two. You’ll be able to see the Blumhouse/Greutert team-up Jessabelle, scripted by The State comedian Robert Ben Garant, when it releases in January.

Nick Venable
Nick Venable

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