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If only I could start this article with the Jurassic Park theme song. (If you’d actually like to, click here to take a listen.) In an interview with AICN, The Wolfman director Joe Johnston, also the director of Jurassic Park 3, talks about the potential fourth film.

After chatting about how well the effects from the first film hold up, AICN asks Johnston if JP4 is next on his to-do list. He says “Well, there is a great story for the fourth one that I would be interested in getting involved with, and it’s nothing like the first three. It sort of takes the franchise off in a completely different direction, which is the only way I would want to get involved.” The most logical way to take the franchise in a new direction? Keep people off that damn island, of course. “Why would anybody go back to that island? It was hard enough to figure out the second and third reason for them to go, but it would take it off in a whole other trilogy basically, but when it gets to that level it’s sort of about studios and Steven’s thing and who knows. I think we are at that point where we are due for another one if we are going to do it. They had what four years between them? 1992… 1996 or 1997, and then 2001, so we are past due. I don’t know, but we will see.”

As an avid Jurassic Park fan, I’m all for a fourth film. The series is already tarnished thanks to a subpar sequel and miserable third film, so why not at least try to redeem it? It’s hard to imagine what they could have brewing over there, considering all we know of Jurassic Park comes from groups of people visiting the island and being chased by dinosaurs. Let’s just hope if Johnston does get his hands on the fourth him he’s learned his lesson and will do the franchise some justice.