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Joel Edgerton And Teresa Palmer At A Loss In Wish You Were Here Trailer

For many across the United States it's spring break, that blissful time of year where we toss aside our responsibilities, grab the suntan lotion and a bathing suit, and travel to an exotic—or at the very least notably warmer—locale to let loose! Spring break forever and all that. Of course, amid the carefree frivolity, drunken debauchery, and sunny snapshots, there can be room for terrible tragedy. And that dark possibility is what lies at the center of the new trailer—via The Playlist--for Wish You Were Here. The Australian thriller begins with a vacation, then spins into a neo-noir that got bloggers buzzing at its Sundance debut in 2012.

Joel Edgerton (Animal Kingdom) stars as one of four friends who head out for a carefree holiday in Cambodia. But when one of their group (The World's Fastest Indian's Anthony Starr) goes missing, they return home stuck deep in a web of mystery and lies that demand to be untangled.

Teresa Palmer of Warm Bodies plays Edgerton's onscreen sister-in-law/girlfriend of the missing man. Felicity Price of the Aussie drama series Home and Away not only portrays Edgerton's wife/Palmer's sister, but also co-wrote this original drama with the film's director Kieran Darcy-Smith. Memorably, Darcy-Smith co-starred in Animal Kingdom with Edgerton. Wish You Were Here marks his feature directorial debut.

Together this ensemble weaves a tense drama that won numerous accolades following its theatrical release in Australia last spring. Wish You Were Here also had a strong showing at the 2013 Australian Film Institute Awards, scoring nominations in eight categories including Best Direction, Best Lead Actor, Best Lead Actress, and Best Film. Ultimately, it took home two honors, one for Best Original Screenplay, the other for Best Supporting Actor. And now at long last, this chilling thriller is coming to the US for a limited release thanks to Entertainment One.

Look for Wish You Were Here in theaters starting June 7th.

Staff writer at CinemaBlend.