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John Cusack, Jason Patric And More Join Bruce Willis In Action Thriller The Prince

We were onboard whenever Bruce Willis signed on to be a bad guy for Emmett/Furla/Oasis Films’ action thriller The Prince, and it appears we weren’t alone, as the cast has all at once grown by six. Let’s get a roll call going. The film has added John Cusack, Jason Patric, Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, Johnathon Schaech, Gia Mantegna and South Korean pop star Rain. A lot of actors, but seemingly just the right mix of big names and musicians-turned-actors.

Deadline reports The Prince will follow Patric as Paul, a retired Las Vegas mob tough guy – and isn’t it a strange world we live in where Patric is old enough to play a retired anything – whose family life is interrupted when he’s forced to go back to the bright lights of the city to try and find his missing daughter. Along the way, he has to deal with some of the enemies his former life granted him. Willis will play Omar, a ruthless mug who has waited years for Paul’s return. Cusack will play Paul’s best friend, who I assume accompanies him on his trip, while Schaech will play a drug dealer nicknamed "The Pharmacist." There’s no word on what role the rest of the cast would be playing.

This is all pretty big news, as the film is reportedly only supposed to coast Emmett/Furla/Oasis around $15 million. I wonder if a few of them are paying favors forward. I don’t assume that Rain or Mantegna is asking for big bucks, but I’d previously assumed most of that money was going into Willis’ pocket. One has to wonder what director Brian A. Miller will have left to work with as far as a production budget, though it’s possible South Korea’s Union Investment Partners upped the budget when they joined as co-producers and co-financiers.

Cusack, who gave his best Richard Nixon in Lee Daniels’ The Butler, will soon be seen by limited audiences in the thriller Grand Piano and David Cronenberg’s offbeat drama Maps to the Stars, and by everyone in the world with The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1, which he is currently filming. He’s also set to star in the Stephen King adaptation Cell, which is finally moving forward.

Patric, who starred in Miller’s latest film The Outsider, recently finished filming the horror The Confines and will be seen next year in the western thriller The Last Duane. Jackson, who was in Miller’s 2010 crime drama Caught in the Crossfire, stars with Cusack in the true crime thriller The Frozen Ground and Escape Plan with Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Schaech, who starred in Showtime’s Ray Donovan, recently finished filming Renny Harlin’s Hercules: The Legend Begins, and stars in Takashi Shimizu’s haunted plane horror 7500. Mantegna also starred in The Frozen Ground, and will soon be seen in Allison Burnett’s drama Undiscovered Gyrl.

Production for The Prince begins next week in Mobile, Alabama.

Nick Venable
Nick Venable

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