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Jon Favreau's Chef Just Made A Bold Move To Stay In The Oscar Hunt

Ok guys, it's time to fess up: you didn't see Chef this summer, did you? We've written about it constantly, named it one of the best films of 2014 so far, gave it a glowing review, and even listed five reasons why it's the best kitchen movie ever, but you haven't gotten around to it. It's okay - we're not judging here. After all, it was an independent release and sent out to a limited number of markets theatrically. Note that we said it, was, because that soon will no longer be the case. That's right, folks! If you want to grab another helping, or if you're just taking your first bite, Jon Favreau's Chef is coming back for a wide theatrical re-release on Labor Day weekend!

The Hollywood Reporter broadcast the good news, which got a massive signal boost from writer/director/star Jon Favreau on his Twitter feed:

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This move is being done to try and give Chef some award season potential, so naturally there's an added upside to this re-release if you're a member of a film industry guild or organization: you get to see the movie for free! This is probably one of, if not the, earliest awards pushes we've ever seen, but frankly if it exposes a new audience to the film, then can you really call it a bad thing? Jon Favreau crafted this film as a metaphor of sorts, as he broke away from the more big-budget, high profile work he's been doing in Hollywood as of late, and instead decided to dedicate himself to something smaller and more intimate (attracting a gaggle of movers, shakers, and notables to join him for the ride). If you like movies where the cast is a bunch of true believers who sell what they're doing in the film, then chances are Chef is something you should be spending your hard earned movie money on.

With 600 to 800 screens taking part in the theatrical re-release of Chef, you might still need to go a bit of a distance to find a theater that's screening it during the re-release. Still, That's a lot more screens allocated for the film than there are at the current moment, which is 122 . If you need any more evidence as to why you should be pre-ordering your tickets to see Chef on Labor Day weekend, may we present the film's theatrical trailer, complete with pull quote from our very own Sean O'Connell.

Now that you've been further motivated, we'll end by telling you that Chef comes back for another round on August 29th! If you don't see it this time, then it's not our fault you're missing out on all of the fun.

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