Josh Brolin Could Replace Tommy Lee In Men In Black 3

Men in Black III is happening but let’s face it, Tommy Lee Jones is kind of getting too old for this shit. So it makes sense that for the third installment they might start grooming his replacement. The LA Times says that replacement could be Josh Brolin.

According to their sources Brolin is being considered for a role in the new Men in Black though the exact nature of that role has been kept under wraps. Gossip has Tommy Lee Jones’ Agent K passing the baton to Brolin’s character. What if Tommy Lee took over Rip Torn’s supervisor role while Brolin rode with Will Smith? That could work. Right now though, it’s all speculation. He could just as easily be in talks for some more minor part, for instance playing Agent K as a younger man or a villain or maybe simply providing the voice of a CGI alien. All we really know for certain is that Will Smith is back and, since he’s Will Smith, that’s all that really matters.

Brolin’s been on a career roll for awhile now, with a string of high profile parts in critically acclaimed films like Milk and No Country For Old Men. One problem with critically acclaimed films: They don’t pay. You won’t get rich winning awards and you can’t live on Goonies paychecks forever. Men in Black III should help keep him in the lavish celebrity life for another decade. Go get it Brolin.

Josh Tyler