Josh Hutcherson And Logan Lerman Up For The Bluff

"May the odds be ever in your favor" may take on a slightly more literal meaning for Josh Hutcherson in the role he's in talks to play. Word is, the Hunger Games star and Percy Jackson's Logan Lerman are in negotiations to star in Jonathan Dillon's Vegas-set comedy The Bluff, which is described as a "tweenage take on The Hangover." posted the news, stating that Hutcherson and Lerman were in talks to appear in The Bluff, which follows a couple of young guys who get themselves into some Vegas related shenanigans. As MH notes, both actors were up for the role of Peter Parker in the Spider-Man reboot, so it seems kind of fitting that they should end up on some other movie together.

As for the details on The Bluff, The Film Stage dug up the video below, which is a fake trailer apparently put together by Dillon to pitch the movie, compiled from clips of movies with a similar tone and style (Weird Science, The Girl Next Door, 21, Superbad).

And here's the caption included with Dillon's video, which lays out the concept of the movie.

Chip and his best friend Gary are two high school seniors who hover at the bottom rung of the social ladder. After being convinced to hack into his father's Ameritrade account for a quick insider's trading bet, Chip soon finds himself in the hole 750,000 dollars. To get the money back before his parents return from vacation, the boys head to Las Vegas and end up in the middle of the world's largest poker tournament with not only Chip's father's money at stake, but their lives…This is a teaser designed out of other films that contain the same tone, style and genre as presented in The Bluff.

The faux trailer comes off almost as much a tribute to some of the more memorable one-crazy-night teen comedies as it is a pitch for a similar kind of movie. When you consider the span of time that's passed between, say Risky Business and Project X (close to three decades), it's easy to see the timeless comedic quality that these kinds of scenarios share, no matter how off the wall they seem in reality.

Among Hutcherson's upcoming credits are a voice role in the animated film Epic and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, which will have him reprising his role as Peeta Mellark. Meanwhile, Lerman is set to play Noah's son Ham in Darren Aronofsky's Noah. With both actors set up for dramas in the future, it's both interesting and exciting to know that things are in the works to put them into something a bit lighter.

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