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Judd Apatow's Amy Schumer-Led Comedy Gets A Title And Plot Description

Amy Schumer is going to be a huge star someday. Much like the people at Fuse, Fox and Comedy Central - all of whom have used Schumer if different projects over the years hoping to make her a household name - Judd Apatow seems to have realized this, and now the This Is 40 director has a Schumer-led comedy on the fast track. And some details are starting to leak out about it.

The Hollywood Reporter has broken down down the five hottest titles that are currently seeking actors for key roles. After running through obvious projects like Star Wars: Episode VII; Batman-Superman; and Marvel’s Ant-Man, the fifth slot was dedicated to Train Wreck, Apatow’s next directorial effort that will cast Schumer as "a basket case who tries to rebuild her life." The trade says that Apatow is still looking to cast a boyfriend for Schumer, a best friend/colleague part (hello, Leslie Mann), and a parent (there's no indication if they are looking for a mother or father). So it sounds like Apatow will make Train Wreck fit a mold that shaped This Is 40 and Knocked Up, with a strong family/friend influence in a sure-to-be-raunchy R-rated comedy.

At least, it’s going to be raunchy if Apatow lets Schumer be herself. Have you seen any of her stand-up act, or heard her shred targets on the Comedy Central Roasts? She’s vicious … and flat-out hilarious. (These are NSFW, so slap on headphones if you don't want the boss to hear!)

And her skit show, Inside Amy Schumer, is one of Comedy Central’s signature shows alongside Tosh.O and Key & Peele. Her transition to silver-screen superstardom seems inevitable.

Here’s where I begin to panic. The one time Apatow tried to work with pure-bred stand-up comics, we ended up with the painfully unfunny Funny People, which tried to squeeze laughs out of cancer.

The plot description of Train Wreck sounds open-ended enough that Schumer can hopefully tailor it to her strengths. THR says that Apatow and Schumer will continue to take meetings with potential co-stars through Thanksgiving week. I wonder if we’ll see Train Wreck in theaters by the end of next year?

Sean O'Connell

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