Steven Spielberg is having a really good fall. In October we saw the release of the 30th anniversary Blu-ray edition of E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial; the filmmaker's latest project, Lincoln, will be arriving in select cities this weekend before expanding nationwide next weekend; he managed to get A-lister Chris Hemsworth to star in his sci-fi action film Robopocalypse (and Anne Hathaway is in talks); and now we have the first poster for the 3D re-release of one of the director's greatest achievements: Jurassic Park.

Though the film itself won't be in theaters until next April, the first poster has arrived to just let us know that it's coming - and it does so in a pretty elegant way. They could have just stuck "3D" on to a picture of a dinosaur and called it quits, but instead they really went all out and did something rather artistic. And we can appreciate that just because it's what the movie deserves. Check out the poster below.

I think the most amazing thing about this poster is the "Celebrate The 20th Anniversary" caption at the bottom. It's insane to think that 1993 was two full decades ago.

The film, which is being released by Universal Pictures, will be arriving in theaters on April 5, 2013, where it will be competing for your attention with White House thriller Olympus Has Fallen and the comedy The Heat. Regardless of how the 3D turns out, it will probably be fun just to get to see Jurassic Park on the big screen once again.

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