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Jurassic World is set to take in a healthy amount of money when it is finally released on June 12. And it comes at a time when Hollywood is in desperate need of an injection of cash.

Variety spoke to Phil Contrino, the chief analyst and vice president of, who claims that the fourth instalment to the dino-tastic franchise is tracking for an opening weekend of over $100 million. In fact, it’s been suggested that it could go even higher than that eye-watering sum. But why does Contrino believe that Jurassic World is inline for such an impressive start? He insists:
The trailers are connecting in such a big way.

This point is underlined by the fact that the first official trailer for Jurassic World has been watched more than 60 million times on YouTube alone, while its other clips and trailers have been devoured in impressive amounts too.
Meanwhile, it’s also believed that pre-release ticket business has been rather healthy over the last week or so since they first became available. In fact, Fandango revealed that it was one of their top five best sellers over the last seven days. That's downright impressive considering there’s still over 2 and a half weeks until Jurassic World is released.

While we’re probably all used to films and blockbusters smashing their way past the $100 million mark within one or two days of their original release, it should be noted that it would be hugely impressive if Jurassic World did manage to reach such a milestone. That’s because the franchise has been dormant for over 14 years now. Even then, Jurassic Park III was received rather indifferently by critics and audiences as it made its way to its respectable, but not mind-blowing $368.7 million gross.

But it’s quite clear that audiences are still fervent for the franchise. This is, of course, mostly down to Steven Spielberg’s iconic 1993 original Jurassic Park, which shattered box office records upon its original release, and was followed by the equally financially impressive but critically maligned The Lost World. The casting of Chris Pratt, who showed just how strong, amiable, and engrossing he could be leading the way in Guardians Of The Galaxy last summer, and the addition of Safety Not Guaranteed’s Colin Trevorrow has impressively reignited the franchise, and suggests that the future will be filled with more instalments.

It also helps that last weekend’s Memorial day box office total was distinctly average, as it slumped to a 14-year low. San Andreas is the only other action salvo due for release between now and Jurassic World’s, which suggests by the time that June 12th comes around audiences will be pining for the summer blockbuster season to get back under way.

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