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A man and two friends live their lives in a world of sex and drugs and doing whatever they please, but in the midst of the chaos, the crew find themselves on a path of self discovery. Regardless of the zillions of times you’ve heard this regurgitated story, that is the plot behind Generation Um..., according to Variety.

Keanu Reeves, leader of Generation Whoa, has just joined the cast to star alongside Bojana Novkovic and Adelaide Clemens. Say those names five times fast. No telling when this indie drama will find it’s way to theaters, it will probably run a festival circuit first, but it started filming today in NY so we should start seeing some stuff within the next two or three months especially if they want to get the thing ready for Sundance.

This could not sound less interesting. I’ve always thought drug movies (the ones that aren’t comedies at least) just seem like excuses to make movies that are ultra pretentious and hard to follow all while inducing endless headaches with drug-addled visuals. I do love Requiem For A Dream though, but something tells me the end of Generation Um... will be much happier.

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