Keanu Reeves Will Return For John Wick 2, Get The Details

Surely the idea of a John Wick 2 without the presence of Keanu Reeves sounds ridiculous, but the truth of the matter is that the star of the action-packed first film wasn't part of the official announcement about the sequel three months ago. Thankfully, you can all stop dreading the idea of a Reeves-less John Wick 2, because it has been revealed that he will indeed be back.

Lionsgate announced the developing project in a press release, confirming not only Keanu Reeves, but also the return of directors David Leitch and Chad Stahelski and screenwriter Derek Kolstad. Unfortunately, the only thing that even comes close to resembling a plot description for John Wick 2 is the following intensely vague sentence:

In the follow up to last year’s adrenaline-fueled revenge and redemption thriller, legendary hit man John Wick is back.

In the first John Wick, which was just released this past October, Keanu Reeves starred as the titular character - a retired legendary hitman who is in deep mourning because of the recent passing of his wife. When a gang of Russians beat him up, steal his car, and kill his dog, however, he finds himself propelled back into the killing game to take bloody, bloody revenge. In addition to being a well-told revenge thriller, the movie earned high marks from critics thanks to it's stylish, inventive and thrilling choreography - a sample of which you can watch below in all of its intense glory:

The film - made for just $20 million - wound up being a fantastic breakout hit when it arrived in theaters, riding immensely positive buzz to a worldwide gross of nearly $80 million.To put it bluntly, it's hardly a surprise that we're now getting a John Wick 2, because there is definitely a demand to see more of the world and characters created in the first movie. And if we're lucky, the sequel will both bring back certain members of the original's fantastic supporting cast and also add some new talented names to the mix.

At this point, we know very little about the timetable that Lionsgate has planned for John Wick 2. The press release notes that the studio will be selling the title at the quickly arriving Cannes Film Market, and if it succeeds there, there is potential that the project could immediately start moving forward and establish a release date. In the meantime, what would you want to see in a John Wick sequel beyond Keanu Reeves kicking ass?

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