It’s been at least two weeks since we’ve heard a Watchmen rumor, so for those of you starved for new gossip from the upcoming Zack Snyder adaptation of Alan Moore’s classic superhero comic here’s the latest. AICN says they’ve heard there are offers out there to specific actors to join the film’s primary cast. Here’s who they claim is on Snyder’s shopping list:

One of the biggest roles of the film, and arguably the center of the story, is that of Night Owl. They say Patrick Wilson has been offered the part. If his name doesn’t ring a bell for you right away, he’s the male lead in Little Children, opposite Kate Winslet. I love this casting choice. He’d need to put on a few pounds to get a middle-age spare tire going, but it’s easy to see Wilson as Night Owl’s alter-ego Dan. Great pick.

The role of Ozymandius was once rumored to be going to Tom Cruise. That would have been absolutely perfect, Tom’s public persona would have meshed in a weird way with the character, who, in the comic is a celebrity superhero and self-appointed smartest man in the world. Tom is out, so AICN says they’ve gone with Hollywood’s Tom Cruise backup Jude Law for the part. Another brilliant choice. Jude has ended up with some lousy parts lately, but he’s a total chameleon and should be able to pull off Ozymandius easily.

Last on the AICN list is the character of Dr. Manhattan. Manhattan is the only hero on Watchmen who actually has super powers. In fact, his powers are so super, it’s almost as if he exists on a completely different plane of existence from the rest of us. Nobody embodies different plane of existence better than Keanu Reeves, and AICN indicates they believe him to be the guy Snyder is offering the part to.

All three of these casting rumors to me, seem much too good to be true. Keanu as Manhattan in particular, seems more like wishful thinking than something that could actually happen. I’d love to see all three of these people end up in these parts, but for now it’s all wild rumor and conjecture. Insert an obligatory wait for confirmation disclaimer here.

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