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We predicted he’d be involved in the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean film more than two years ago, and now that filming is under way, Keith Richards’ return is finally confirmed. The news was dropped as an aside in an interview Richards did with Reuters where they say Richards is filming Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides with Depp.

The seemingly immortal Rolling Stones guitarist was the inspiration for Johnny Depp’s characterization of Jack Sparrow and so, fittingly, when they needed someone to play Jack’s father in the third movie At Worlds End, he got the job. He’s back and though Reuters doesn’t confirm exactly what part he’ll play in the movie, our sources have long told us that this fourth movie will fill in more of Jack Sparrow’s past. That, invariably, means seeing more of his family too. You can’t do that without Keith Richards getting piratical as Captain Teague.