Mark Millar is very popular these days. The man behind Kingsman: The Secret Service has turned several of his comic properties into box office gold. Apparently one of the ideas the man behind Kick-Ass is toying with is a solo flick for Kick-Ass heroine Hit-Girl. Speaking to JoBlo comic creator Mark Millar talked about the various irons he has in the fire regarding upcoming films. One of the items under consideration is a standalone Hit-Girl movie. The only problem is that it’s apparently a bit...unorthodox:
We have a crazy idea for it, and every now and then I think, is this too crazy? Because it's kind of insane. Would the world accept this? It makes Kick-Ass look like Finding Nemo.

Is anybody else terrified? When the man behind Kick-Ass and Kingsman says an idea is "insane" what are we supposed to think. Kick-Ass was insane. Kingsman was out of control. What exactly could a Hit-Girl movie be about that would be so over the edge that the world might not accept it? An idea that will make previous efforts look like a Disney movie is somewhat disconcerting. We are now dying to see this movie. We’re also a little afraid to see this movie.

Hit-Girl was one of the standout characters of the two Kick-Ass films, played stunningly by Chloë Grace Moretz. She was sweet and cute and vulgar and violent. There’s little doubt that fans would be willing to see Hit-Girl again and see what she’s become. Moretz had previously expressed frustration that she would not be able to play Hit-Girl again due to the lackluster box office of the Kick-Ass 2. She blamed piracy for keeping fans out of theaters.

Millar talks about the strong heroines in films like the The Hunger Games and Hanna when discussing a potential Hit-Girl film. We are certainly in a time when when it’s become clear that a woman can carry an action film, or even an action franchise. It’s safe to say that Hit-Girl can beat them all up.

Based on the way Millar talks about a Hit-Girl movie this one is definitely in the idea stage. There are not, currently, any plans to make it a reality which would certainly put this movie years away, even if they started working on it tomorrow. Also, while it is true that Kick-Ass 2 didn’t perform very well at the box office, the fact is the first wasn't a smash hit either. Kingsman was huge and usually after a huge hit many studios will let creators take a few more chances. Maybe they'll spend some credibility on the future of Hit-Girl. Are you ready to see Hit-Girl go out on her own?
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