Killers Clip: Kutcher And Heigl Meet Cute

We have a clip from Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl’s spy movie Killers. In the email I received containing the clip, they call this scene “enjoyable”. Not exactly a lofty goal for a movie, but in this case it’s extremely accurate. It’s not great but not particularly offensive either. The sun is shining, the water is blue, the actors are pretty. It’s enjoyable.

In the clip, Kutcher and Heigl sort of stare creepily at one another before introducing themselves using lines borrowed from other movies. But Heigl’s really good at seeming incredibly uptight, and that’s kind of what this role calls for; and Ashton Kutcher seems to enjoy taking off his shirt, which is what his role calls for. It’s like watching Mr. & Mrs. Smith remade by bored housewives.

Watch Heigl and Kutcher meet cute and smile in the sun below:

Josh Tyler