Imagine Rocky Balboa of Rocky I through V going up against Jake La Motta of Raging Bull. It's the kind of face off that only film fanatics might have dreamed up, and now it's on its way to becoming a reality. Well, it's becoming a movie anyway, as Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro have signed on to Grudge Match where the pair will play retired boxers who are urged to brawl in one final fight to settle an old score.

Earlier this month, the project got the green light from Warner Bros. and added comedian Kevin Hart to the cast as a sure-to-be loud-mouthed fight promoter. Now Variety reports Kim Basinger has signed on to play "the woman caught in the middle" of De Niro and Stallone's showdown. This marks Basinger's first time working with either of these heavyweight leading men, and appears her most high profile project since—I don't know—2004's Cellular?

Basically, despite being an Academy Award-winning actress—thanks to 1997's L.A. Confidential—Basinger has fallen out of the spotlight and conversation for the past several years, appearing in barely noticed features like The Informers and Charlie St. Cloud. Personally, I'll always have a soft spot for Basinger for starring in a childhood favorite of mine, My Stepmother is an Alien. So I'm rooting for her here. In the '80s and early '90s, she often took roles in comedies, and was pretty terrific at being bold and silly within them. So maybe this could mark a return to form for her as the screenplay penned by Tim Kelleher was recently rewritten by Entourage creator Doug Ellin, and Peter Segal, who has helmed comedies like Get Smart and Anger Management, is set to direct.

There's no mention as to when Grudge Match might roll into production.

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