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We have so many reasons to be angry at Adam Sandler at this point, and maybe the worst part is it shows no sign of getting any better. This summer's loud, crass That's My Boy was Sandler's second flop in a row after last fall's even worse Jack & Jill, but with Grown Ups 2 on the horizon and a ton of projects in development, Sandler doesn't just seem uninterested in making better movies-- he's popular enough that no will will force him to improve. Which is why his planned adaptation of "Pixels," the popular short film in which 8-bit video game characters take over New York City, seems so much less promising than it could be with someone else behind it.

There might be one potential ray of light, though. According to Variety, Horrible Bosses and King of Kong director Seth Gordon has signed on board as executive producer, and may be considering directing the film, which currently doesn't have Sandler attached to star but very well could in the future. They've also hired Just Go With It writer Tim Dowling to rewrite the script, which isn't a great sign, but I'm going to take faith in the idea that Sandler might not just hire one of his usual cronies (like Dennis Dugan or Frank Coraci) to direct.

Variety says Gordon was hired thanks to his knowledge about video games from King of Kong, but don't expect an insightful look at how video game characters would live in the real world (like, say, Disney's upcoming Wreck-It Ralph). Dowling has apparently been brought in to give the movie a wider scope, an action-comedy in the vein of Ghostbusters, in which video game experts are brought in to solve the sudden 8-bit invasion.

Again, it could all be promising in the hands of someone who isn't Sandler. Unfortunately he proved recently with That's My Boy that he can also take a promising director-- in that case Sex Drive's Sean Anders-- and drag him down to his level. If Gordon does in fact wind up directing, will he meet the same fate?

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