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After a hugely iconic role, especially in a popular franchise, it’s not uncommon for an actor to spend some time distancing themselves from that part. This is a big hurdle for younger performers, as often times this is a wider audience’s first exposure to them and they can become closely identified with a particular character. We’ve seen the cast of the Harry Potter films go through this in recent years, as well as the cast of the Twilight films. Robert Pattinson has taken great pains to differentiate himself from his sparkly vampire alter ego, as has his co-star Kristen Stewart. Both have been fairly successful carving out a career outside of angst-filled young adult adaptations, and Stewart’s latest, the sci-fi romance Equals, is another interesting move. Check out the new trailer below.
Aside from what appears, in this trailer anyway, to be something of a taboo, forbidden love, Equals looks like it has very little in common with any of the Twilight films. With its cold, sterile, monochromatic future, this resembles some dystopian, Orwell-inspired nightmare, though one with a dreamy, esoteric, and weirdly romantic and sensual vibe.

The latest offering from director Drake Doremus (Like Crazy), and executive produced by none other than Sir Ridley Scott, Equals takes place in a utopian futuristic society. But, as is usually the case with imagined civilizations of this ilk, things are not nearly as smooth and idyllic as they seem at first. In this particular iteration of humanity, all human feeling and emotion have been eradicated, hence the cool, antiseptic appearance—who needs color when you no longer feel anything?

Things begin to take a turn when a new disease surfaces in this society. Once infected, Silas (Nicholas Hoult), an illustrator, finds himself drawn to his co-worker, a writer named Nia (Kristen Stewart). She also happens to be infected, though she hides it, and in order to survive, the two must run away together. Sounds a little bit Logan’s Run-ish, only with illness instead of age.

When Equals made it’s public debut last fall at the Venice International Film Festival (it made its North American premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival), it was met with mixed reviews. Some criticized its recycled dystopian themes and standard Romeo and Juliet in the future set up, though even in the more negative reviews both Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult often earned praise for their performances.

Beyond Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult, Equals has a strong cast that includes Jacki Weaver, Guy Pearce, and Bel Powley, among others. It is scheduled for release later this year.