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Kristen Stewart Does Some Dirty Dancing In New On The Road Trailer

If you're sick of Kristen Stewart-- both her ongoing presence in the tabloids and her dead-eyed work in the Twilight movies-- well, too bad. Twilight may be wrapping up, along with her relationship with Robert Pattinson, but Stewart is lining up a ton of new roles-- and most of them a whole lot more interesting than Twilight ever was. First up will be On the Road, an adaptation of Jack Kerouac's classic book that made a splash when it premiered earlier this year in Cannes. The movie has an official UK release but not a U.S. one yet, which means the newest trailer for On the Road has debuted over at MSN UK. Take a look below.

It seems pretty easy to tell that the focus in the movie is on the men, the friendship between Kerouac stand-in Sal Paradise (Sam Riley) and his gregarious friend Dean Moriarty (Tron: Legacy's Garrett Hedlund). But while the role of Marylou wasn't an especially important one in the book, it seems to be a big one here, and Stewart earned a lot of the attention out of Cannes for what's apparently a very frank and open performance-- kind of the opposite of what we've seen from Twilight, when you think about it.

As you probably saw in the trailer, the cast also includes Viggo Mortensen (as Old Bull Lee, widely seen as a stand-in for literary titan William S. Burroughs), Elisabeth Moss, Kirsten Dunst, Amy Adams and Steve Buscemi in a small role that's apparently way more sexual than you're expecting, based on reports from Cannes. And as promised in the trailer, it's the new directorial effort from Walter Salles, who made the lovely Motorcycle Diaries back in 2004 but hasn't been very prominent on the film radar since then. Even without an official release date, we're still looking forward to his return with On The Road.

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