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Kristen Wiig May Join Ben Stiller In The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

Hey, would you look at that! This is a story about Kristen Wiig that has absolutely nothing to do with Bridesmaids or its sequel that is never going to happen! According to THR, the SNL star is now in talks to join Ben Stiller in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, a remake of the 1947 Danny Kaye comedy that is being produced by 20th Century Fox. Also directed by Stiller, the story follows a magazine photo editor (Stiller) named Walter Mitty who has wild dreams and fantasies about crazy adventures, but he never actually gets to live them. That all changes one day when he must go on the hunt for a missing negative and he finds himself in the adventure of a lifetime. Should she sign on, Wiig will play one of Mitty's co-workers whom he has a crush on.

With the exception of an episode of Saturday Night Live that Stiller hosted last year, the two haven't actually done a movie together yet. The film is simply the newest on Wiig's plate, which overflowed following the success of Bridesmaids last year. Over the next few years she will be coming out with Imogene (an indie film that should come out later this year), Revenge for Jolly! (which co-stars Ryan Phillippe, Elijah Wood, Oscar Isaac, Adam Brody and Gillian Jacobs), Freezing People is Easy (the newest from director Errol Morris) and The Comedian (which is Sean Penn's next directorial effort).

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is currently on track to start production in April and there are plans to shoot in New York and in Iceland.

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