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LEGO Best Picture Posters Aim For Cute, End Up Being Disturbing

LEGO Hustle

There’s something perverse about giving LEGO Amy Adams some LEGO cleavage in the LEGO-ized posters of the Best Picture nominees. I mean, even with the incredible success of The LEGO Movie, the last thing I thought of when I watched David O. Russell’s sexy and scandalous American Hustle was, "What would these seedy characters look like as LEGO people?"

But I’m not an artist at Old Red Jalopy, who created LEGO versions of the one-sheets for this year’s 9 Best Picture nominees. You know what else is strange? LEGO Jordan Belfort from The Wolf of Wall Street. Can they make a LEGO Margot Robbie, as well?


Yahoo Movies collected the bunch. Check out the rest of the LEGO-ized nominees:

LEGO Gravity

LEGO Captain Phillips

LEGO Philomena

LEGO Nebraska


LEGO Dallas

LEGO 12 Years

At least they went with LEGO Chiwetel Ejiofor in the 12 Years poster, and didn’t just slap Brad Pitt’s famous face – in LEGO form – on a one-sheet to help promote Steve McQueen’s masterful film. Remember this travesty?

12 Years Brad Pitt

Meanwhile, legitimate Oscar campaigns roll on. Final voting is underway, with Academy members expected to get their ballots in by the end of this month. Winners have NOT been leaked, as was rumored. Every film remains in play. What movie do we view as this year’s frontrunner? Read our in-depth analysis of the Best Picture race, and browse the columns we wrote on every other Oscar race this year. The Academy Awards will be held on March 2. The LEGO Movie is not eligible. Maybe next year.

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