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Given the fact that The LEGO Movie has grossed more than $360 million at the global box office, a sequel was inevitable, and eventually announced. Fans of the wildly original animated hybrid held out hope that original co-directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller would find a way to come back and helm the sequel, even though they have said on the record that they’d likely only be back in the role of producers. Now we’re hearing that Warner Bros. has accepted the fact that Lord and Miller won’t direct the second LEGO Movie, and they have circled their replacement.

The LEGO Movie 2, instead, will be directed by Chris McKay, according to Deadline. Who? Don’t panic just yet, guys. McKay served as animation co-director on the initial film, so Warner is going with a trusted hand who (hopefully) learned a ton under Lord and Miller and will attempt to bring some of their magic to the LEGO follow up.

McKay’s previous credits include an extended stint on the television series Robot Chicken, where he also helmed the TV movie Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode III. I wonder if that means we’ll get even more Star Wars characters in the LEGO sequel? That remains one of our favorite sequences in the first film.

McKay’s also in the process, according to Deadline, of figuring out the direction of the LEGO Movie 2, which might not be a "straight sequel" to the story of Emmet but could be "a film that broadens the LEGO empire by focusing on the character Ninjago." Oh my, really?

Which way would you like the film to go? Do you want to see more with the original characters from the first film? Or, would it be smart for Warner Bros. to apply the LEGO premise to a whole new world?

Honestly, I’m more than a little concerned that Lord and Miller aren’t directing… only because the last sequel that tried to extend a world without them was the Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs sequel, and that was terrible. Flat out bad. We hold up hope for 22 Jump Street because that sequel managed to lure back Lord and Miller. Even if they are serving as co-producers and creative consultants to the LEGO sequel, and McKay served under them, I’m going to remain concerned until we see footage from the new LEGO sequel. Of course, we have a LONG way to go. The sequel won’t be in theaters until May 26, 2017. Yes, 2017!! But now we know who will be directing. Good choice?