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Laura Dern Follows Enlightenment As Mourning Mother In Daniel Duran's Strings

With the one-two punch of last year’s The Master and HBO’s Enlightened, Laura Dern has reasserted herself as an actress who deserves a lot more screentime. And her upcoming appearance in the multi-threaded and star-studded Mother’s Day doesn’t count, since there’s so much going on there. Now that Enlightened is no more, perhaps we can look forward to more Dern sprinkled into our lives.

The Emmy and Oscar-nominated actress has joined the music-oriented drama Strings, according to The Hollywood Reporter. We just reported on the film recently, when Josh Duhamel joined the cast. It will be the directorial debut of prolific Venezuelan music video helmer Daniel Duran, who will direct from a screenplay written by Oscar Torres. And don’t ask me how the film is related to music at all.

Dern will portray a character named Mary, a woman who is forever tormented by the death of her eldest son, though it’s not clear how they tie into the main plot. Duhamel plays an army veteran who takes on a counselor role upon his return, and he treats a young drug addict named DJ (Lucas Till) who is ordered by the court to live with his estranged father until he turns 18. During their sessions, a shocking revelation is uncovered. The film also stars Maria Bello and Thomas Everett Scott.

Dern recently joined the cast of Thomas Carter’s sports drama When the Game Stands, but she'll be busy with this next project first-- Strings recently began production in Winnipeg, Canada.

Nick Venable

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