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Lauren Graham Puts On Her Scary Face Because She's In Scream 4

It’s a good thing I’m capable of delivering apologies because I owe Ghouls on Film a big one. Just yesterday I reported with great skepticism on their news that Lauren Graham was cast in Scream 4. Well, according to Graham herself, that rumor is true and she is in fact the newest resident of Woodsboro.

While appearing on Jay Leno to promote her show Parenthood, Leno referred back to Emma Roberts’ recent visit to his set, which made for the perfect segue to ask for details on Graham’s casting. She was thrilled to confirm the news and explained, “I play Emma Roberts’ mom” and then threw in, “that’s all I know!” Leno probed for more, asking if she’s playing a good mom or a psycho mom, but Graham honestly couldn’t elaborate because the script is being kept top secret. However, that didn’t stop her from speculating. “I’m probably the killer! Don’t you think?” Then she points to her super smiley face and says, “Obviously!”

Just as funny as the thought of Lorelai Gilmore turning into a murderous mom, is her attempt at acting “scary surprised” and putting on the face of a killer. Check the clip out for yourself below. Scream 4 talk begins at the 1:50 mark.

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