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Mel Gibson is not an actor that others want to be associated with right now. Ever since his racist and abusive telephone calls leaked to the internet, the man has been labeled a pariah in Hollywood with his latest film, The Beaver, likely to never see the light of day. It goes without saying that future projects are going to be drying up quickly for the former Braveheart star and now he's lost a co-star.

Radar Online, the website responsible for the leaked tapes, is reporting that Leonardo DiCaprio has dropped out of his next project to distance himself from Gibson. When asked about the DiCaprio's involvement in the film, a source close to him said “Not a chance... Leo has earned the right to pick and choose who he works with and Mel Gibson is not one of them." The film would have featured both actors playing vikings in a period piece written by Oscar winner William Monahan.

There are many other projects that Gibson's name has been linked to, so don't expect this report to be the last. It's quite unlikely that Gibson will be able to bounce back like he did after the whole DUI incident (Fun Fact: typing "sugartits" into the Wikipedia search engine brings up this page), and this is just the first step of a long, long fall.

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