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All right, this is getting ridiculous, and something just has to be done about it. Leonardo DiCaprio is getting involved with entirely too many projects recently, with no single one showing any more promise than the others on getting made in the next ten years. It wouldn’t be a problem if the projects he circles would be stinkers, but they generally aren’t. The latest is an adaptation of celebrated Norwegian author Jo Nesbø’s upcoming thriller Blood on Snow, which Warner Bros. has acquired for DiCaprio to potentially star in, though he’ll definitely be producing it through his Appian Way imprint with Jennifer Davisson Killoran. Assuming of course that it ever goes any farther than this initial story.

Warner did pay between $500,000 and $2 million for it, according to Deadline. That seems like enough money that we can at least plan on hearing about a director and a screenwriter signing on before it fades into the ether.

I’m hoping it makes it to production, however, as it sounds like quite an interesting project on the page. But it would probably involve DiCaprio signing on for two films, as Blood on Snow, which Knopf will publish next spring, will be followed the next year by Blood on Snow 2: More Blood. The really crazy part is that Nesbø is publishing these two books under the pseudonym Tom Johansen, a character that will appear in The Kidnapping, a novel Nesbø plans on publishing in 2015. It’d be interesting to see how they explained that in a film.

The plotline given for Blood on Snow is deceptively slight, and makes it sound like a thousand other projects. The novel’s main character is a hit man who is hired to kill his boss’ wife, only he can’t help but fall madly in love with her instead of getting the job done. No doubt it gets a lot more complicated and hectic than this, with one angry boss included.

Nesbø’s works have seen a jump in adaptations recently, with Morten Tyldum’s 2011 crime thriller Headhunters possibly getting an American remake in the future, as well as NBC picking up the legal drama pilot I Am Victor, based on one of his novels. Warner Bros. and Langley Park, who are also producing Blood on Snow, are also working together on the adaptation The Son.

So what else does DiCaprio have on his slate? The Viking movie King Harald, the crime drama Mean Business, a Woodrow Wilson biopic, a Rasputin biopic, and a motion-captured adaptation of the card game Go Fish. The latter might have just been part of my imagination. You can see him in theaters either this year or next in Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street, the trailer for which can be seen below.

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