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Leprechaun Reboot In The Works

Dear Warwick Davis: I think I just found the perfect story arc for the next season of Life's Too Short.

Variety reports that Lionsgate has forged a two-film deal with WWE Studios (yes, that's World Wrestling Entertainment) and the first project that they will be working on together is a reboot of the horror series Leprechaun. Launched in 1993 by writer/director Mark Jones, the first film followed a killer Leprechaun as he hunted for his pot of gold (fun fact: the movie is Jennifer Aniston's first credited film role). That movie was followed by five sequels, four of which went straight to video - including Leprechaun in the Hood and Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood. The last one in the franchise came out in 2003.

While the trade says that the film will be coming out some time in 2013, no writer, director or actors are currently attached. Lionsgate and WWE will be co-financing the film together, though the former company will be handling distribution. This isn't the first time that the two studios have worked together as they produced See No Evil (which starred the wrestler Kane as the villain) in 2006 and The Condemned (which starred wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin) in 2007. Judging from the pattern one might be able to guess that the Leprechaun remake will have a WWE fighter in it as well, though obviously those details aren't being disclosed yet.

In all seriousness, would any one else love to see at least one episode of Life's Too Short where Warwick Davis auditions for the Leprechaun reboot and gets vehemently rejected? That would be gold.

Eric Eisenberg

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