Lincoln Will Hit Blu-ray With A Slew Of Historical Bonus Features

Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln may not have garnered the Academy Award for Best Picture, but it was still nominated for plenty of accolades—a total of 108 so far, to be exact, with 47 total wins. Suffice to say, Lincoln is one of this year’s most acclaimed films, and if you haven’t gotten the opportunity to watch it yet, you should be able to catch the film when it hits homes on March 26.

Lincoln is in some ways a portrait of the United States’ 16th president and partly the tale of securing the 13th Amendment to the Constitution. Daniel Day-Lewis plays Honest Abe in an Oscar and Golden Globe-winning performance, but the all star cast doesn’t end there. With Tommy Lee Jones, Sally Field, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, James Spader, and David Strathaim all playing historically-based characters, the period movie is lengthy, but worth watching.

While Lincoln will be hitting Blu-ray, DVD, and digital download, it’s worth taking a look at the full list of bonus features, as different combo packs will offer different extras. If you are a big history buff or really, really loved Spielberg’s film, the Blu-ray Combo Pack Super Set by far comes with the most extras, many of them featuring interviews with the director himself. DVD and 2-disc Blu-ray copies, while cheaper, will come with far fewer extras. As far as bonus features go, releases that are able to offer a historical perspective are often really great, but it’s totally up to you to determine whether a few extras are worth a more expensive list price.

4-Disc Blu-ray Combo Pack Super Set (Blu-ray + Bonus Blu-ray + DVD + Digital)

  • “The Journey To Lincoln” Making of segment
  • “A Historic Tapestry: Richmond, Virginia”—Steven Spielberg and team discuss the historical significance of Richmond, Virginia
  • In The Company Of Character”—Delve into Daniel Day-Lewis’ portrayal of Lincoln
  • “Crafting The Past”—Examine the re-creation of Lincoln’s era through authentic period details in production design, costume and makeup.
  • “Living With Lincoln”—Shooting the film
  • “In Lincoln’s Footsteps”—Explore the film’s editing and sound design

2-Disc Blu-ray Combo Pack (1-Disc Blu-ray + 1-Disc DVD)

  • “The Journey To Lincoln”
  • “A Historic Tapestry: Richmond, Virginia”

1-Disc DVD

  • “The Journey to Lincoln”
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