Lou Taylor Pucci has always been one of those actors that floats just under the radar. While the young actor has made some solid films (Thumbsucker, Brotherhood, The Music Never Stopped), he's never really gotten his big break. Well, that day has arrived.

Variety reports that Lou Taylor Pucci is now in talks to play a role in the Sam Raimi/Bruce Campbell-produced remake of The Evil Dead. Just last week it was announced that Suburgatory's Jane Levy and Shiloh Fernandez will also star in the movie. Like the original film, the story follows a group of young adults to a cabin in the woods where they accidentally release an ancient evil after reading out of the Book of the Dead. Pucci will play Eric (this movie is speaking to me), a character described as "an intense academic whose intellectual curiosity gets his group of friends into trouble." While it doesn't say it explicitly, one can imagine that Pucci will be the one reading out of the book and dooming all of his friends. Levy will play Mia, who is said to be the stand-in for Ash in the remake, while Fernandez

Fede Alvarez is writing and directing the remake, though Diablo Cody was hired to do some touch-ups on the script as well. There isn't a set release date yet, but Sony Pictures is handling the distribution. There also isn't a set start date for production, but it will start rolling this year.

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