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With MGM's Robocop remake back in action, Brazilian director Jose Padilha assigned to direct and Josh Zetumer working on the script, it's time to figure out which actor might spend the bulk of the film inside that fearsome metal helmet. And Moviehole is hearing that MGM is eyeing two of the most predictable big names, plus one wild card that still doesn't sound like such a great idea.

According to their sources, Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp and Keanu Reeves are some of the names the studio is considering, though there's no guarantee that any of the three are interested or that they would take the job even when offered it. Moviehole is pretty much with me on this news--it makes more sense for them to pick an up-and-comer, not just to put the focus on the franchise and not the star, but because most stars wouldn't want to be hidden behind a mask for the entire movie anyway. For now it's only worth considering these names as a rumor, not because Moviehole's information isn't correct, but because there's no proof MGM will actually go with any of these actors.. If you've got a favorite up-and-comer you'd like to see in the helmet instead, though, now's a good time to get that name out there.