I thought the whole trend of telling stories about spoiled teenagers had gone out, given that nobody has any money anymore and all. Even MTV, which has minted money with shows like The Hills and My Super Sweet 16, had ditched the story Bad Girls, about teenage girls sent to a kind of reform school on a Caribbean island, where they're attacked by drug dealers and killers.

But a story with that much potential for nudity and blood couldn't disappear entirely, and now Inferno Entertainment has picked up what MTV no longer wanted, and will produce the film described in THR as a cross between Lord of the Flies and Heathers.

Inferno, which has financed and produced films like The Women and Just Friends, has hired Alex McAulay to adapt the script from his own book, which was published by MTV in 2005. It's a shame to see MTV abandoning a story they originated, but I'm betting they'll be the smart ones for ditching a trend when its time has come.

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