Mad Men's Christina Hendricks Joins The Cast Of Drive

Like I'm sure many of you, I am an avid Mad Men watcher. Also, because I have both X and Y chromosomes, I drool over the presence of Christina Hendricks. Despite her incredible screen presence, however, she's yet to make the big leap from TV actor to feautre actor. That changes now. Variety reports that Hendricks has joined the cast of Nicolas Winding Refn's Drive, co-staring Ryan Gosling, Albert Brooks, Carey Mulligan, and Bryan Cranston. Though it's unknown what role she will be playing, the film revolves around Gosling, a stunt driver by day and a get-away driver by night. Things go wrong, however, when he gets involved with "the ex-con boyfriend of his beautiful neighbor (Mulligan)"

You probably haven't read a word of this because you are simply too distracted, so I've decided to close out this article by simply posting a larger version of the above image. You're welcome.

Eric Eisenberg
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