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Marion Cotillard Offered Role Of Morgana In Arthur And Lancelot

Marion Cotillard has become a very popular actress over at Warner Bros. headquarters. In the past couple years the French Oscar winner has starred in two of the studio's bigger successes, including Inception and Contagion, and also has a role in a movie that is expected to be one of the biggest, if not the biggest movies of 2012: The Dark Knight Rises. So why wouldn't they want to continue that fruitful relationship by having her appear in their big medieval epic?

Vulture has learned that Cotillard has been offered a role in Arthur & Lancelot, the new drama from director David Dobkin. Should she accept the part, Cotillard would play Morgana, Arthur's half-sister who is a sorcerer and typically portrayed as an antagonist. Though the new story doesn't confirm the casting, it was most recently reported that Game Of Thrones' Kit Harington will play King Arthur in the movie while The Killing star Joel Kinnaman will portray Sir Lancelot. The movie is a change of pace for Dobkin, who is largely known for comedies like Wedding Crashers, Fred Claus, and this past summer's The Change Up.

There's a very good reason why Marion Cotillard possesses acting's highest honor: she's easily one of the best actresses working today. It's hard to say if she'll take the role, but her connection to Warner Bros. could make things a lot easier. Should Morgana end up being the film's villain, it would be brilliant to see what she could do with the antagonist role.

Eric Eisenberg
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