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Mark Hamill

Is this our first look at "Old" Luke Skywalker? Seems to be.

Mark Hamill, who is reprising his role of Jedi warrior Luke Skywalker in J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: Episode VII, participates in the annual Star Wars Weekend in Orlando, Florida – a weekend’s worth of fan activities tied to George Lucas’ galaxy far, far away. And in doing so, Hamill, 60, tipped a visual cue to the state of Luke Skywalker in the new trilogy… especially when he’s holding a lightsaber and standing next to Mickey Mouse. Disney Parks posted this fun video of Mark Hamill and Mr. Mouse during his photo shoot. Check it put below:

Slightly more dignified than the last time we saw Mark Hamill holding a lightsaber on screen, no?

"I think George Lucas gonna sue somebody!"

Obviously, securing a Star Wars talent on the level of Mark Hamill is an extreme coup for the Orlando event, especially as he’s hard at work on Star Wars: Episode VII in London. As was reported on the Disney Parks Web site, Hamill will be part of the daily "Legends of the Force" motorcade, which goes down the main street in Walt Disney World’s Hollywood park. He’ll participate in a special talk show that fans can attend. And fans at home can follow along by tracking the hashtag #DisneyTheForce all weekend.

So what do we think of the older, wiser Luke Skywalker? He’s fitting the bill once served by his mentor, Obi-Wan, possibly taking new Jedi under his wing and preparing them for new challenges that will threaten the rebel alliance (as well as the galaxy). So yeah, basically he looks like an older actor. Now let’s get Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher together for a Star Wars: Episode VII teaser trailer, and really melt the Internet!

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