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Mark Millar recently confirmed that Kick-Ass 2 has been greenlit, but it's hard to know how honest the statement was. It's public knowledge that the film severely underperformed at the box office and while the DVD sales will no doubt help the studio make their money back and more, that rule applies to every film out there. That said, with Millar now talking up the sequels plot, I want to see it more than ever.

Sitting down for an interview with Empire, Millar spoke about what he plans to do with the villain in the film, building it up to massive proportions.
"It’s gangs going all over New York filming atrocities on their cell phones and putting them on the internet, trying to outdo each other, all at the behest of Red Mist. My idea for Red Mist was to introduce a supervillain that made Heath Ledger’s Joker look like Cesar Romero’s Joker. He’s basically Charles Manson as a supervillain."

Now nicknamed "The Motherfucker" instead of "Red Mist," Millar also has said that he wants the film to help actor Christopher Mintz-Plasse overcome the label of "McLovin" that he has been carrying around since he broke out in Superbad. But the best part of it all is how the film will treat the continuing adventure of the titular hero.
...At the same time we continue the story of Dave and all the complications in his life as he gets deeper and deeper into this dangerous hobby he’s got where he dresses up as a superhero and gets beaten up every night. So he forms a gang and what you’ve got then is all the heroes versus all the villians[sic] in a big gangfight."

Kick Ass remains on my top ten list for 2010 and I don't see too many movies bumping it as we travel through the fall and the start of winter. Even if it's all of the sequel talk is conjecture and it never comes together, at the very least we can all just pick up the comic book.

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