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When a profane, excited Guillermo del Toro took the stage at Comic Con along with the three central members of his Pacific Rim cast-- Charlie Day, Charlie Hunnam and Idris Elba-- he promised that there would be many casting announcements to come (for more on that entire panel, read my liveblog here). Turns out they announcements were coming sooner than we could have expected. Variety reports today that Max Martini, a character actor you might recognize from pretty much anything, has signed on to the cast, to play "part of the resistance that fights the alien invasion."

The plot description that Variety gives in the writeup is pretty straightforward-- "an alien invasion that threatens earth, and the people who come together to defend it." But one of the big things we learned in the Pacific Rim panel is that you can expect a lot more from it, primarily-- and these are del Toro's exact words-- "Giant fucking monsters against giant fucking robots." But this isn't going to be some goofy kind of Godzilla remake-- though for a while, it was rumored to be exactly that. Del Toro emphasized in that panel that he wants to add an element of realism, asking himself the question "What would happen in the real world if a 25-story high thing came out and started destroying things. What would really happen? How would things change?" He emphasized that the film will pretty much be set in the present day, and will focus on human-scale problems that are either exacerbated or maybe solved by the giant alien-and-robot problem that's literally overshadowing them.

Martini should fit in well on both levels, thanks to credits in films like Saving Private Ryan and the upcoming Colombiana, plus TV's The Unit and 24. He's actually preparing to make his directorial debut on Will Gardner, starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan, but seems ready to get back into action mode and fight some giant fucking aliens at the same time.