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The Maze Runner Photo Shows Off Four Gladers

The feature adaptation of James Dashner's The Maze Runner managed to make it to the semi-finals of MTV's movie brawl, which is a fair indication that fans are very excited about this movie. So they should be pleased to see the latest still for the film, which gives us a look at four of the characters trapped inside a mysterious place called The Glades.

The above photo was shared over at the official Maze Runner movie Facebook page, and though it isn't labeled, I'm pretty sure we're looking at Fry Pan (Dexter Darden), Alby (Aml Ameen), Newt (Thomas Brodie-Sangster) and Captain Gally (Will Poulter). Those who've read the book know that these four characters are among the kids the story's protagonist Thomas (Dylan O'Brien) meets when he arrives at The Glades. Each of them appears to be armed with some kind of staff, and it looks like Newt has a sword on his back as well. In the background, we get a look at those dauntingly high walls, which could be the barrier that separates the Glades from the massive maze.

The story centers on Thomas, a kid who arrives in the Glades with no memory of who he is — beyond his first name — or how and why he's there. In addition to taking care of themselves and each other, some of the bravest Gladers spend the daylight hours running through the maze, looking for a way out. In the book, Thomas finds himself eager to be one of the runners who braves the maze each day. But he soon learns that it's crucial not to get trapped inside the maze when the walls close at night, as those who do don't typically survive it.

Earlier this month, we got a new look at O'Brien and his co-stars Ki Hong Lee and Blake Cooper in this photo…

Dylan O'brien maze runner

With the film not set to arrive until September 19, it's probably too soon to hope for a trailer, but with some young adult adaptations making their way into theaters soon (Vampire Academy, Divergent, The Fault in Our Stars), perhaps Fox will start promoting the film a bit more as the year progresses.

In the meantime, The Maze Runner did really well in MTV's Movie Brawl, making it to the final four before getting beaten out by Veronica Mars. Given that the Mars movie is the fruition of fan support, it's not entirely surprising that fans rallied enough to beat out The Maze Runner. At the very least, TMR can boast that it beat out Hercules, Noah and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 before its elimination.