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Megan Fox In Half To Death

Transformers sexkitten Megan Fox may soon be moving on to do more work for Michael Bay. Our friends over at Beyond Hollywood claim to have the scoop on her next project. They say she’s the lead in a Bay produced horror/thriller called Half to Death.

BH describes the movie as Groundhog Day meets Captivity, but that can’t be right since that would be the worst idea for a movie ever. They say Fox plays a college freshman (cause nothing says sexy like a girl in college) named Teresa who discovers she’s living the same day over and over again. Unfortunately for her (and for us), her repeated days don’t end in bedroom romps with Andy McDowell. Instead they end with a brutal murder by an unknown attacker. Teresa has to solve the murder or save the groundhog or something.

I don’t know if Megan Fox has anything or not, but she’ll probably get at least two movies based purely on her hotness factor alone. People seem to love her look. Personally I think she looks like she’s constructed out of polystyrene, really sexy polystyrene, but polystyrene just the same. She does nothing for me and aside from standing there looking vaguely disaffected we’ve see nothing to indicate that she’s any good at that thing called acting. Of course in a movie being billed as Groundhog Day meets Captivity, hotness is probably all that matters.