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Men In Black III's Budget Ballooning Even Bigger Thanks To Will Smith's On-Set Demands?

You always want to root for a movie to be good, especially when your job involves seeing a lot of movies and writing about them, but there's been a special kind of schadenfreude in watching the production of Men in Black III, which has gone from "delayed" to "really, really delayed" and "expensive" to "ridiculously expensive" since it first started shooting in New York last Christmas. You already know a lot of the gory details, from the production delay thanks to an unusable script to Will Smith's enormous trailer that pissed off a bunch of righteously annoyed New Yorkers. But The Wrap has a pretty thorough rundown of all the issues, including some insider knowledge about some of the other crazy shit that's gone down, and the actually insane price tag the production will probably carry: $215 million.

Yes, $215 million, for a decade-in-the-making installment of an action comedy franchise that didn't even make that much-- $190 million-- with its second film. That's in the ballpark of what it cost to make Green Lantern, and inching up toward what Fox may or may not have spent making Avatar-- and that's all before counting in what will probably be huge marketing costs. Sony denies the number, and it's likely we'll never really get the full budget information, especially since apparently some of the money has gone toward placating Will Smith's towering ego with things like rebuilding sets to suit his whims and, well, providing a gigantic personal trailer for him that takes up the entire street.

Check out the full article for all the details about Smith's demands and some excuses from the people on the production staff-- to be fair, they're trying to make a big expensive effects movie on the streets of New York, which is never easy. Men In Black III, which is still shooting in New York, is set for release on Memorial Day weekend next year.

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