Micah Sloat Says Paranormal Activity 2 Won't Suck

The idea of a Paranormal Activity sequel was much more fun before all of this director swapping. First we’re told it’s Saw VI director Kevin Greutert and then he was pushed off the project to ensure he’ll be on board for Saw VII. Now there’s a rumor that, oddly enough, the director of Scarface, Brian De Palma, could be the man for the job. It’s a strangely beautiful possibility, but one of Paranormal Activity’s stars, Micah Sloat, confirmed that no one has officially been selected.

When asked about the ‘director drama’ by MTV on the red carpet for the Independent Spirit Awards, Sloat said, "I know a lot, I can't tell you--" but thankfully followed that up with, "Well, just a little." He continued, “All I can tell you is I'm very excited for the project, it's really cool, it's gonna be really interesting and it's not gonna suck, which most horror sequels ... would. This is gonna be good.” There’s some much needed reassurance! In regards to PA2’s far more substantial budget as compared to the original’s $11,000, Sloat explained, “Well we have money now, but we're staying true to the heart of the movie, to the spirit of it, to the vision.”


Now to the obvious question: Why is Sloat even talking about a sequel? Doesn’t he not make it through the first? Perhaps the second film could actually be a prequel or maybe it’ll involve him and his demonic girlfriend terrorizing innocent victims. I say they seek revenge on that psychic for being so useless. The more logical possibility is that some other unsuspecting person being haunted seeks refuge on the Internet and finds the story of Micah and Katie, similar to the original.

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